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Fare conditions

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Insurance Nina’s Cars choose security!!

Car Insurances:
All our cars are all-risks insured. Our insurance company is: Axa insurance Public Company  23 floor Limpini Tower 1186/6 Rama 4 road Thungmahamek Sathon Bangkok 10120 Local representative Axa Phuket: : Mr Laurent Cosse: 00 66 (0)8 419 04 001 We are the only car rental company in Phuket having convinced the AXA Group to ensure our cars.
Personal guarantees:
  • Hospital: THB 50,000 per person with a maximum of THB 250,000 per accident
  • Death, disability, limb loss: THB 50,000 per person with a maximum of THB 250,000 per accident.
  • Legal fee, Deposit: maximum of THB 200,000 THB
Guarantees to third parties:
  • Death or injury: 500,000 THB per person with a maximum of 10,000,000 THB per accident.
  • Damage on vehicle: maximum of 600,000 THB per accident.
Warranty for vehicles:
  • As part of comprehensive insurance, all costs relating to vehicles and people are supported (except special requests from the police), with a minimum deductible of  3,000THB  not exceeding  10,000THB in case of an accident. This franchise may be reassessed for high-end vehicles like Toyota Fortuner and Hyundai H1
Motorcycles / scooters insurances:
Nina’s Cars is the only rental company in Phuket offering its customers professional insurance on their motorbikes. We would like to remind you that according to Thai law maximum number of passengers on a scooter is 2 people, and in case of infringement to this rule no insurance will cover you including your personal insurance. 1) Governmental Insurance: This insurance is mandatory. However, the time required to set your file with the authorities is often much longer than the duration of your holidays! However we commit to set up a complete application for obtaining these guarantees should we have enough time to do it. The guarantees provided are: • Medical expenses:  maximum of 30 000 THB • Death Prime: maximum of 200 000 THB • Daily rate: 200 THB per day for up to 20 days. All these guarantees cumulated may not exceed 240 000 THB. 2) Insurance coverage against third party: starting 1st July 2016 we will be able to offer insurance coverage against third party for the rental of our scooters, which means that you will be covered for all damage that  might occur on a third party. Costs: 100 THB per day or a package of 2, 000 THB a month for 110/125/150 cc scooters with a maximum deductible of       4, 000 THB assistance 24/7. For Yamaha Mslaz and Tmax the third-party insurance is included in the rental price, with a maximum deductible of 10, 000 Baths for Mslaz and 40, 000 baht for the T-Max. Guarantees: • Medical expenses 300 000 THB per person, and a maximum of 10 million THB per accident • Damage: maximum of 1,000,000 THB • Medical expenses for the non-driver: maximum of 200, 000 THB per accident. • Death of the Passenger: 50, 000 THB per person A deductible of 4, 000 THB applies on third-party insurance 3) Insurance for theft, damage, accidental fire: Cost: 50 THB  per day or a package of 1, 000 THB per month for 110/125/150 cc scooters with a deductible of 4, 000 THB assistance 24/7. Guarantees: This insurance covers you for breakage, theft, damage, accidental fire vehicle. The maximum amount payable will be the amount of the deductible depending on the type of vehicle you rent. (Please note that deductibles are cumulative) All this information is published for information purpose only and does not take into account any changes which might occur during the year. For further information, please contact us by e-mail to: Apart from government insurance, third party insurances are optional and are subject to your decision, however if you decide not to take those insurances you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. All accidents must be reported to the lessor, under penalty of foreclosure, within a maximum of 2 hours. Exclusions: In case of accident, there will not be not coverage by our insurance in the following cases: –  Failure to produce a valid driving license (an international driving license is mandatory according to Thai Law) – Driving under the influence of alcohol; – Driving under the influence of narcotics whatsoever; – Improper use of the vehicle (driving on the beach for example); – Accident occurred outside Phuket without having informed the lessor; – Not reporting an accident to the lessor after a delay of 2 hours. Deposit Except in the case of a prior consent, vehicles reservations will be confirmed only after payment of a deposit at the amount of EUR 200 or equivalent for a car, and EUR 50 or equivalent for a motorbike. All instructions will be sent for you to process payment of your deposit by Paypal or by credit card (with an additional 4% of the total amount charged to cover banking fees).