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A family business where customers are not considered as numbers, where liability and security are the keywords, where exchange, sharing is a way of life.
Nina’s Cars makes your vacations easier and allow you to meet real people

Nina’s Cars is located in Rawai, south of Phuket Island. Main activity is the rental of vehicles: motorcycles and cars. Nina’s Cars has 80 bikes / scooters and 50 cars that meet our customers’ expectations. All our vehicles are functional, insured, well maintained and reliable. Historically and by our first location, we work with a lot of ‘Sailors’ settled on their boats or traveling the world, who need a vehicle to visit the island of Phuket but also carry their supplies, their sails and their tools. In recent years, we have become the French and international reference. Our requirement for the quality of our services has been proven with many customers whose satisfaction remains our top priority. We invite you to browse our ‘Guestbook’ at the bottom of the page for your perusal. In addition to developing our business car hire, we want to be available to help you discovering this part of Phuket on unbeaten tracks but also involve other services such as assistance in organizing your travels, and create a meeting place. We will keep you informed of all future developments and remain open to suggestions. Nina’s Cars, we facilitate your holidays !

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